Expert Advice on How to Get Strippers Interested in You

Contrary to the belief of many people, a lot of strippers are actually elusive and don't like to hang out with the usual drunk and drooling guy who is all over the place. Strippers are women too. They're not to be treated with disrespect and if they see that you're a nice guy, you have more chances of getting them to spend the night with you partying.

If you're a first-time night clubber, here are expert tips to help you pick up strippers the right and gentlemanly way:

1. Avoid entering a strippers club drunk

The common mistake among men is they stumble on the door of a strip club when they're too drunk to even tell the staff what they want. Strippers from titty bar las vegas get turned off too just like other women do and if you want to get girls partying with you, don't get yourself too lost in alcohol.

2. Be friendly with the staff

It always pays to be a nice and sweet guy. Once you enter strip clubs for girls night out, be sure to have build a friendly atmosphere that will make the staff love you and treat you the way you deserve. Abide by the rules and drop by the bartender's area every now and then before you start partying so you can create strong bonds with the people. You never know that the staff may be talking about you when working hours are off - just that they're talking about how nice of a customer you are. Remember, strippers like nice guys.

3. Be cool

How? Stop scrutinizing the bodies of strippers in front of you. Fine, they're hot and sexy and pretty but a lot of strippers are sick of horny guys. Some of them just want to talk and hang out with courteous guys. You will definitely stand out among the crowd if you're one who enters strip clubs minus the common drooling and staring that most guys do. You can also learn more about strippers by checking out the post at

4. Don't give in right away

Of course, strippers are tasked to make money. They will try to seduce you and as if you're interested to have them dance for you in private. However, let them know right away that you're different from the rest. You do this by converting the sexual talk into a "getting-to-know-each-other" kind of conversation. A lot of strippers get interested in men who want to know more about them instead of just have them dance and strip.

5. Have fun

You're a man who may want some intimate moments but remember that you can always have fun without sexual intercourse. You can spend the night just chatting and laughing the hours away and this will be a thrill to strippers. If you have just one or two girls on your table who are laughing at your jokes, the others might notice and the next time you enter the strip club, they will want to join in on your table.

5. Treat them like normal

Strippers like it very much when you treat them right - just the normal girls that they are. You never know when the girl you're talking to will actually be interested enough in you to initiate exchanging phone numbers!

Before you get into the night clubbing spirit, always put in mind that strippers are women too. Just like the normal girl, they want to be cared for and treated right. So always be a gentleman and soon enough, you'll be an expert in the strip club realm.